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Talented and Gifted

(For students who are identified for the talented and gifted program)

The Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program at Ottumwa High School “services students who require instruction and educational services commensurate with their abilities and beyond those provided by the regular school program.”  (Iowa code 257.44).  Students demonstrate achievement or potential ability in the following areas:  general intellectual ability, creative thinking, leadership ability, visual and performing arts ability, and specific ability aptitude.  All students identified for the TAG program will have an individual conference with the TAG teacher at least once per year.


  • Acceleration for highly able students involves moving a student through the traditional educational organization more quickly.  This may include such practices as differentiation in the classroom, grade level acceleration, acceleration in a particular content area(s), concurrent enrollment in two grades, credit by examination, dual enrollment in high school and college, or early entrance into college.  While no acceleration policy or process has been articulated by the Ottumwa Community School District, this type of discussion can be initiated through the gifted education facilitator, teachers of the specific coursework being considered for acceleration, the student’s counselor, parents or guardian, and the principal.  In order to make decisions about personal acceleration and the extent of acceleration, a student can articulate a desire for seeking an acceleration option through the gifted education facilitator at Ottumwa High School.

FRESHMAN SEMINAR:  Grades 9, Semester=1 CR, Prerequisite=See Below
Prerequisite: Student must be identified for the talented and gifted program.

  • Freshman Seminar offers a variety of activities focusing on navigating high school (policies, procedures, 4-year planning, concurrent enrollment, AP awareness), college and career readiness (reading, writing, communications, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving), college and career exploration, study skill development (note taking, time management, organization, test taking motivation) and self-awareness (self-advocacy, resilience, independence, positive peer relations). Students will also have an opportunity to research and present a passion project. #2902

GENIUS HOUR:  Grades 10-12, Semester=1 CR, Prerequisite=See Below
Prerequisite: Student must be identified for the talented and gifted program.  Student must also complete a project proposal before they will be enrolled in this course.

  • This course is for students who desire enrichment through a self-directed study.  This class allows students to learn independently by selecting a topic they want to learn more about, creating their own curriculum, and designing their own final product.  Students are responsible for developing a project proposal, adhering to a timeline, keeping a weekly log of activities, and making a final product of their own choosing.  Independent study topics include, but are not limited to: creative writing pieces, musical compositions, History Day projects, Great Courses, or service learning activities. #2915

ADVANCED PLACEMENT ONLINE:  Grade 11-12, Semester/Year=1/2 CR, Prerequisite=See Below
Prerequisite:  Student must be identified for the talented and gifted program.

  • Advanced Placement courses are available through a variety of online learning institutions. Students are limited to one course per semester. Additional courses may be taken at the student’s expense. Students must select and communicate interest to the TAG teacher; first semester course deadline is May 1 of the previous school year and second semester course deadline is November 1. Please see the TAG teacher for a list of available courses. #29040

Classes frequently offered include: 

  • AP Biology - 2 Sem
  • AP Calculus AB - 2 Sem
  • AP Chemistry - 2 Sem
  • AP Computer Science A (JAVA) - 2 Sem
  • AP Computer Science Principles - 2 Sem
  • AP English Language and Composition - 2 Sem
  • AP English Literature & Composition - 2 Sem
  • AP Environmental Science - 2 Sem
  • AP Macroeconomics - 1 Sem
  • AP Microeconomics - 1 Sem
  • AP Psychology - 1 Sem
  • AP Spanish Language - 2 Sem
  • AP Statistics - 2 Sem
  • AP U.S. Government and Politics - 1 Sem
  • AP U.S. History - 2 Sem