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Academic Supports

ASPIRE:  Grade=9-12, Semester=1 CR, Prerequisite: Staff Recommendation  

  • The Aspire Program is designed for all students at Ottumwa High School to provide support in the areas of both academic goals and social-emotional support.  Students have the opportunity to attend one or two periods a day, dependent upon student needs. The Aspire team acts as a liaison between students and teachers in gathering assignments, retaking assessments, and providing the time necessary for re-teaching.  Direct instruction for students is available in the areas of self-regulation, life skills, organizational skills, communication skills, and self-advocacy.  The Aspire staff provides a safe, non-judgmental space where building relationships is a primary goal, attending to students’ needs or referring to other professionals when needed.   Aspire is a graded class and students who pass the class will earn one elective credit.  #1509 #1510 #1511 #1512

GUIDED STUDY: Grade=9-12, Year=2 CR, Prerequisite=IEP Team Decision

  • Students are provided assistance and guidance by a special education teacher with their work from regular education classes.  Students receive a grade and credit for this class based on how well they use their study time in class. #307, 308, 310, 311